Almost there

The folksonomy is almost complete, the vocabulary is starting to saturate. Look at the graph below the total size of the vocabulary is passed an inflection point. This indicates that we are in the home run.

Rough calculation indicated that we only need less than another 500 scene tagged to get to a stable vocabulary.



At the moment this is what the folksonomy looks like. Isn’t it beautiful?


Some structure is starting to emerge. The circles represent tags. The bigger the circle the more common is the tag. The line represent connection when tags are used together.

Guess what is the largest circle?

WORK see the image below. IT seem that when sitting is most often associated with work when we describe sitting.

Using this we can see that there are some domains appearing by looking how these tags are connected. Here different color lines represent different domain.  If we look in a bit more details we can see some super tag.

WORK here is one of them and if we zoom onto it we can see that it is linked with other tags such as COMPUTER or BORED (surprised?). This is rough , but we are almost there. So thank you to all the member of the public who gave their TAGS away.

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